Toyo Tires. 

Toyo Tires tapped MBT to create a retail promotion to increase market share in the US. Leveraging our experience with Point S Tires, MBT developed the “Toyo Time” promotion that drove customers to retail outlets and required them to mention Toyo by name when purchasing tires.

Toyo Tire

"MBT does a beautiful job of connecting the dots between creative and actional, responsive results.”

-Tim Chaney, VP of Marketing, Toyo Tires

During the first 8-week period of the promotion, sales spiked by over 155% YOY, beating their desired goal and increasing Toyo share in the market. Additionally, Toyo’s retailers saw an increase of 33% new customer sales during this promotion. The Toyo Time promotion was so successful, MBT and Toyo have teamed up every year since for this annual promotion.


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