PeaceHealth Hospital systems operate hospitals and clinics in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. One of their ongoing missions is promoting a deeper understanding of personal and community health for the markets they’re honored to serve. PeaceHealth has been partnered with MBT as their agency of record since 2018.


PeaceHealth Cardio Ad

PeaceHealth tasked MBT with increasing the awareness of their brand and complete service offerings at their facilities. With the initial focus on Heart Health, Orthopedics, and Women’s Health, and knowing that the key to connecting with young families in our target area, we deployed a digital video program targeted to the geos around each PeaceHealth facility using radius, zip-code and DMA targeting.

MBT created and produced animated videos that presented PeaceHealth’s story, services, and commitment to community health concerns in a fun, youthful fashion that resonated with our targets. By layering lookalike targeting and audience interest data, MBT was able to connect to young families successfully increasing PeaceHealth’s awareness double digits.

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