Upcoming Trends in Digital Design

The impact of effective design transpires all around. Passionate consumers sport branded apparel, trendy photographers pose in front of bright billboards, and social media users repost advertisements and announcements that resonate with them. The modern ubiquity of branded design exemplifies a business’ need to not only keep informed on trending design patterns but also integrate them into their company’s look and feel. When considering branding for your company, consider these upcoming trends in 2019 digital design:

Bold, blocky typography

The art of marketing design derives from articulating a message in a tasteful fashion. Recent advertising would suggest that subtle text and hidden messaging are trends of the past. Now, many companies are employing a more pointed emphasis on typography through the use of bold, blocked text. The most striking of these examples usually include a small number of words and total capitalization. If your brand has something to say, utilize this trend to ensure that it’s heard.



A thoughtful and unique illustration can often prove more memorable than a company’s slogan or color theme. In some cases, illustrations can even serve as a cornerstone of a business’ identity. If your company specializes in something regarded as unglamorous to the average consumer, consider customized illustrations as a means of bringing life to your brand. Recent trends have included hand drawn effects, high levels of detail and vintage motifs, like circular elements and grainy, faded texture. When progressing with custom illustrations for your company, keep your audience in mind. As with any business branding, different colors, shapes, and themes appeal to different demographics. Regardless, illustration will add a memorable persona to your brand.


Scalable and Responsive Vector Graphics

The most successful websites possess the ability to move as the viewer moves. Landing pages morph to fit screens of all sizes, intuitively catering to consumers using mobile phones, tablets and computers alike. Responsive websites, however, call for responsive elements within them. When scaling graphics, on-trend designers are leaning more toward vector images that maintain resolution as they stretch and shrink. Such trends have trickled into logo design; companies today flaunt a responsive logo that can change to various sizes without losing brand recognition. Consider how expanding your company’s brand guidelines can help keep your marketing up to date with the most fluid of digital design.


Dynamic cinemographs and interaction platforms

Technological advances have raised the bar for designs that catch consumers’ eyes. Branding that enables interaction and fosters dynamic engagement often resonates most strongly with consumers. The use of GIFs, animated landing pages, and interactive social media posts have surged ahead and brought animation to the forefront of design trends. Tasteful movement of vector images or shifts of color can modernize your companies look and hold the gaze of customers a little longer than your competition. Consider the benefits of adding movement to your company’s next push of advertisements or rebranding efforts.


Colors and gradients and patterns

Bright, bold, and undulating: the colors of the trendiest digital designs come in many shades, but most play upon eye-catching tones and smooth transitions into one another. Perhaps no example holds more notable positioning than Instagram’s most recent logo, flashing a bright array of sunset shades and every color blending between them. Other brands have followed suit and have flooded the modern design landscape with a plethora of colors and gradients. A simple blend between your company’s colors can modernize the look of your business and add a degree of liveliness to your brand.


Incorporating these design trends into your brand identity can help your company’s marketing stay modern and palatable to the average consumer. That said, the internet awards the creative. Try expanding upon and experimenting with these trends to help your branding stand out; the more unique, the more eye-catching, the more returns your branding will garner for your business. Happy designing!

Emily Preble