Our Team

Meet the Team

Scott Thompson


Mia Carney

Director of Operations

Devin Barr

Account Director

Laura Davis

Creative Design Director

John Moore

Director of Web Design and Development

Jen Burke

Director of Media Services

Blake Heiss

Creative Content Director

Candice Binggeli

Creative Project Manager

Jacob Simonich

Director of Paid Media

Alex Leisure

Digital Media Specialist

John Basso

Director of New Business

Heather Barkee

Media Account Specialist

Taylor Thompson

Account Executive

Kathryn Little

Social Media Coordinator

Kirk Anderson

Paid Media Specialist

Rachael Lapoff

Account Coordinator

Derek Woodruff

Paid Media Coordinator

April Graham

Paid Media Specialist

Denali Hill

Marketing Coordinator

Gina Vondrak

Production Designer

Patti Lange

Business Manager

Susie Corley


Norm Myhr

In Memory of our Founder (6/8/1946 - 8/25/2019)


Vice President of Treats


Ball Retrieval Technician