More Than Just Coffee And Bagels – Get Integrated Into Agency Life As An Intern

Being in college can be the best time of your life, but simultaneously the most stressful. The thought of what to do after graduation is constantly a little reminder in the back of your brain. If you’re anything like me, you can’t even answer the question of what are you doing next week, let alone what are you doing after college. Finding the perfect internship can be the best fix to lifting some of that weight off of your shoulders– and that’s just what my internship here at MBT Marketing did.

Before diving straight into the day to day tasks of an intern here at MBT, let’s start with MBT as a whole. The office is warm and welcoming, which makes the process of starting an internship so much easier. Interns are a part of the staff. They are invited to all company events, included in everything that goes on, and treated like an equal member of the team.

Now to the nitty gritty details… in order to work 15-20 hours a week, I come into the office three days a week in between class and other commitments. I get to work in the morning, pour a cup of tea, sit at my desk, open my laptop to check my emails with my tasks for the day and get started. I work on a wide variety of tasks from reviewing social media calendars for MBT’s various clients to petting the various office dogs and doing different kinds of marketing research. But not every day is the same either, I love photography so I’ve gotten to integrate different photography projects into some of my time here as well.

MBT does a great job at letting their interns see all of the different aspects of a successful marketing firm. Every Friday I sit in with someone on the creative side and they share with me the details of their jobs as graphic designers and video producers. Being able to see all sides of things is incredibly helpful in learning not only what I find interesting and what sparks my attention, but also allows me to see the work that goes into all the different projects that take place here at MBT.

Having the opportunity to intern while in college is so incredibly important and MBT is the place to be if you are in Portland and have any interest in marketing! Apply for the summer internship at MBT by emailing land and have any interest in marketing! Apply for the summer internship at MBT by emailing [email protected]

Sam Keeler